Ever Since I Left the City

The Birds return from hiatus to discuss Ebony's Cosby Cover, Cookie Lyon's business casual, and Rahmeek meeking again. 

The Birds are back!  After a few more weeks than they initially anticipated, the Birds return with their 26th episode.  The Birds begin the episode with EJ reminding everyone where to find them and to take the Listener Survey.  They jump right into the "Let's Get Into It" segment with a discussion on Ebony's infamous Cosby cover.  Tawanda thought the cover was poignant and EJ didn't pay attention to it until she had to which is typical.  What was your reaction?  Tweet the Birds and let them know how you feel.  The Birds then transition to discussing Rahmeek internet beefing with fellow labelmate Wale. It's a shame that people call being petty on the internet "meeking" but he brought it upon himself.  The Birds then chuckle over the NY Times Editor who decided to dress like Cookie Lyon for a week. They then transition to discussing Khloe and Lamar and their reconciliation and send well wishes to Freddy Gray's mom. 

Congrats to everyone who got last episodes #hippopquiz question correct.  Special congrats to  Derrick@Williebobby, and @Jupiterjulip24.  This week's quiz was centered around DMX songs.  Tawanda did well.  How did you do?  Answer this week's question through our website or by tweeting us on Twitter. 

This weeks Q&A was about catfishing and sexting.  The Birds try their hardest to stay on topic and do a pretty decent job.  If you want the Birds to attempt to answer your questions send them through the Submit a Question tab on the website or through the hashtag #askabird on twitter. 

This week's Bad Bird was none other than Zendaya Coleman.  Once the girls decided on the correct pronunciation of her name, they praise her for getting some over retouched photos of her in Modeliste magazine taken down.  Zendaya has been slaying for a while now, so this was a well deserved award. 

Ever since she left the city, we, we, we ... ain't recorded an episode but we are back like we never left.  Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate five stars. Tweetemail or use the "Submit a Question" tab to ask us a question for our #AskABird segment.