Peace to the Paris Crew in the Avenue.

The Birds discuss #pattiepies, Fetty Wap feminist theory, Church apologies, social media activism, and the recent worldwide tragedies.

This week Tawanda open's the show with her desire to try a Pattie Pie after watching James Wright's in depth review of the pastry.  While she laments that they are sold out everywhere, EJ is happy that Pattie Labelle honored James with a phone call. The Birds then discuss MC Lyte's claim that Fetty Wap is the most feminist rapper in the game.  Do you agree with MC Lyte's assertion?  The Birds were on the fence.  The Birds then discuss the casting of the Kent State play about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. where the play's lead character is white.  Let me reiterate, MLK is played by a white man.  EJ scolds everyone who allowed this to happen and differentiates this "colorblind casting" with casting black actors in fiction movies.  The Birds then get into the science of cheating and discover the genetic and hormonal links that may make a person more susceptible to cheating. 

Things take a more somber note when the Birds talk about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad and the ongoing racial tensions at Mizzou.  They discuss many people's unfounded anger about the France Flag filters on Facebook and how the filters do not mean that much as a form of activism anyway. 

Hip pop quiz was about One Hit Wonders and EJ does well.  Do you know the answer to this week's question?  Tweet us the answer with the hashtag #hippopquiz or answer through our website.  Congrats to last week's winners:  @litfangirl and @williebobby.

This week's bad bird is is Johari Osayi Idusuyi whose "Boy Bye" game while reading Black political theory was so strong during a recent Donald Trump rally that she won the hearts of many Donald Trump opposers. Learn more about our Bad Bird here. 

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