Hands On Yo Knees

The Birds discuss Halloween costumes, woman of the year, cancer meat, and Republican f*ckery.

This week the Birds return by delving into the thot odyssey of Zola. Zola spun an epic tale of mystery, mayhem, and murder that left Tawanda and EJ, along with the rest of the country enthralled. Equally as entertaining were this year's crop of celebrity Halloween costumes. Listen in to hear us opine about Beyoncé's, June Ambrose's , and the Game's Halloween costumes. Things take a sadder turn when EJ brings up all of the delicious foods that can kill you.

While it doesn't hold the prestige of Bad Bird of the Week, the Glamour Woman of the Year award is a great honor. Caitlyn Jenner counts herself among his year's recipients, a placement that the Birds don't agree with... We bring back the #republicanfuckery segment this week to lambast soft spoken baboon, Ben Carson, for his penchant for comparing things he doesn't like to slavery.

Dancing Drake and the underdeveloped genre of Trap Disco inspired this week's #HipPopQuiz. Listen to EJ flounder her way through simple questions pertaining to dance crazes the dougie, da butt, and the humpty dance.  The n!ggas who don't dance, but just pull up their pants should try their luck with this week's audience question by answering through our website or by tweeting us on Twitter with the hashtag #hippopquiz.   Congrats to last week's winners: Derrick, @williebobby, and @gquince21.

While you're here, poking around, submit a question for our #AskaBird segment. Ask us anything about love, work, ourselves, how to avoid Chrises, or any other matter you're curious about.

Our Bad Birds keep getting younger and younger. Zendaya held the title for the youngest Bad Bird of the Week briefly before seceding it to 18 year old world champion gymnast Simone Biles. There are also updates about Bad Bird alums Viola Davis, Janet Mock and Misty Copeland. Also we recognized @BATBsnark, who was a listener submitted Bad Bird, for being one of South Africa's leading drone experts. If you guys have a Bad Bird you want recognized shoot us a tweet or an email and we'll highlight their excellence.

We had some technical difficulties this week but much like a Just for Me relaxer kit we will work out the kinks. Thanks for rocking with us while we smooth things out. Keep up with us via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and don't forget to leave a five star rating on iTunes.