Blessings on Blessings on Blessings

The Birds discuss Thanksgiving, sourdough vagina, Black Friday nonsense, and protests.

After a brief hiatus the Birds are back! This week we discussed our respective Thanksgivings. While we didn't have as an eventful of a Thanksgiving as James Wright, we were thankful that we weren't subjected to bread made out of vaginal secretions. Wondering what the hell we're talking about? Press play for the full rundown.  You can't discuss Thanksgiving without talking about Black Friday so the Birds recapped all of the fuckery the consumer driven holiday inspired.  Things turned somber after having to recap the shooting during the #JusticeforJamar protests, the release of Laquan McDonald's execution video, and the shooting at Planned Parenthood. 

EJ couldn't wait to deliver this week's #HipPopQuiz.  She tried to undermine the Say No to Chris movement with a Chris and Sean themed quiz.  Listen in to see how you do!  Tweet us the answer with the hashtag #hippopquiz or answer through our website.  Congrats to last week's winners:  @gquince21 and @williebobby.

There were not #AskaBird questions this week but if you have a query hit us on Twitter or through our website. 

Our Bad Bird this week is song bird Adele who came from seemingly nowhere and broke records with her chart topping album "25".  Tawanda hasn't heard it yet because she's baeless and isn't emotionally ready for the album but EJ seems to think it's decent. Check out the flawless beauty here and let us know what you think about the CD. 

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