The Unnecessary Rigga-Ma-Roe

The Birds discuss petty exes, Ben Carson #mmmohmygawd, and dating deal breakers.

The Birds are back again to run through all of the randomness of this week. First up on the list is David Justice. After reminding us all that he still existed, Justice went on a Twitter rant insinuating that Wesley Snipes abused Halle, and that Halle was crazy and manipulative. We discuss his bitchassness and more before moving on to Ben Carson.  We say it almost every week, but it needs to be said again, that n-word crazy! This week he earns our mockery by releasing a terrible hip hop song and lying about his scholarship from West Point.  One can’t help but wonder why Ben Carson always lying, why the fuck he lying mmmmmohmygawd….

Speaking of idiots, we also did some yelling about a Houston activist who blamed Bad Bird, Beyonce, for a trans rights bill failing. Listen in on all the ways we think he’s stupid.  We move on to K. Michelle’s desire to remove her butt implants and we end with EJ subtly shading Tawanda with the New York Times’ list of dating deal breakers.

This week’s #HipPopQuiz was an ode to rappin’ ass love songs. Questions from Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Nelly and Jay-z songs were featured. Tawanda dominated the category because she is a hip hop scholar and incredibly intelligent. EJ remained a hatin’ ass hoe.  Scholars and hatin’ ass hoes alike should try their hand at this week’s audience question by answering through our website or by tweeting us with the hashtag #hippopquiz.   Congrats to last week's winners: @williebobby, and @jupiterjulep24.

This week we didn’t mention dicks a single time during the #AskaBird segment. We are very proud of this small accomplishment.  We answered questions from Lolo who who was wondering why a potential bae was being inconsistent with his loving, and anonymous who wanted to know if a dream wedding is worth the nightmare.  If you have a question, hit us up here or on Twitter. While a dick discussion wasn’t featured in this response, we cannot guarantee dick’s absence every week.  

Finally, before awarding Tschneill Rainey with Bad Bird of the Week for her epic takedown of an internet hater, Tawanda submitted a Bird Theory about what motivated Super Serena to chase down that phone thief.  There were also updates on Tina Knowles Lawson and last week’s Bad Bird, Simone Biles.

We hope you guys enjoy this week’s episode. If you do be sure leave us a five star rating on iTunes. If you don’t, than EJ’s intro bears to be repeated, “Hatin’hoes aint happy, and happy hoes ain’t hating.”  You can also keep up with us via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Be blessed.