Live from the Gutter

The Birds discuss #netflixandchill, patchouli barbie, Merry Jane, and Next's greatest hits. 

EJ starts off the show with a beautiful rendition of "I Miss My Homies" by Master P dedicated to Tawanda who will be moving to Minnesota causing the Birds of a Feather podcast to go on a short hiatus. Despite the various difficulties with recording the episode this week the Bird's continue on despite both of them realizing that this is a quote "trash ass episode."

The "Let's Get Into It" segment began with EJ lamenting about the statistics in Aziz Ansari's book "Modern Romance".  She opines that dating is too hard and she doesn't ever want to do it and hopes to never have to again. Tawanda is fine with some of the texting rules Aziz states in his book while EJ wonders if she's too old to date and if technology is eliminating extemporaneous conversations and turning kids into idiots.  The Birds then discuss Zendaya getting a Barbie based on her controversial look at the 2015 Oscars and Demi Lovato's comments about wanting Mattel to produce a Barbie based on her curvier body type. Tawanda then applauds Snoop Dogg for starting tech company and app Merry Jane and reminds everyone not to steal the Bird's ideas for Greeting Card/Rolling Papers.  A heated discussion then ensues regarding RL's statement that the vine "Why You Always Lying" is a mockery of his life's work with EJ believing that his life's work as front man for Next amounts to trash and Tawanda defending "Butta Love" as the song of a generation (note: EJ may have exaggerated Tawanda's actual feelings in this recap in order to make her seem insane). 

Shoutout to Tawanda's dog Barbie whose assholishness hindered recording and reminded EJ and Tawanda why they record at EJ's house in the first place. 

The HipPopQuiz segment was based on Libra Season as Tawanda and EJ are both Libras (October 2nd and 5th respectively).  Tawanda asks for 5 stars and likes on iTunes while EJ states gifts and money are preferred.  Either way, EJ's immediate gift is her getting every question of the quiz correct (despite having to answer two questions three times).  Did you do as well on the quiz?  If so, make sure to answer  the audience question here or on twitter using the hashtag #hippopquiz.

Congrats to last week's winners: @GQuince21, @xoDeAndrea, @MrsProfesq, @WillieBobby, @Tunders, @EssKayGA, Daniel, Anthony, and Derrick.

Q&A was a bit shaky as the Birds did their best to advise how to tell a friend their life is falling apart and to answer whether side hoes ever prosper and if it's ok to fight the mistress.  If you have questions you would like the Birds to struggle through answering, feel free to submit a question through our website via the Submit a Question tab or via twitter through the #askabird hashtag. 

Our Bad Bird of the Week is Amber Rose, much to EJ's delight.  Read more about Amber in the Bad Bird of the Week section of our website where EJ was allowed to gush even more. 

This was one of those weeks where everything was against the Birds but they recorded an episode anyway because they love the show and their fans.  Thanks for sticking it out with them through the trash and hopefully the hiatus will be short lived!  Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate five stars. Tweet, email or use the "Submit a Question" tab to ask us a question for our #AskABird segment.