Baby Let It Snow

The Birds are back to discuss Snowzilla, #oscarssowhite, Meek v Peak Petty, and #FeeltheBern.

Happy New Years! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanza! Happy Martin Luther King Day!  Happy, we know we ain't shit for not posting an episode in a month and a half but here we are making amends for it today day! We started off the episode with EJ congratulating Tawanda on her foresight to move to Minnesota and avoid Snowzilla.  In a funny yet oddly divisive subject, the Birds discuss #Oscarssowhite and First Aunt Viv's reaction to Jada's boycotting of the Oscars as well as EJ's delightful Igbo accent. The Birds then went on to discuss Meek Mill's inability to mind his damn business and his recent interactions with Peak Petty, 50 Cent and Bernie Sanders recent surge in the polls against Hillary Clinton.  

The Birds also briefly mention Flint, Michigan and their prayers go out to the children affected by the water crisis. 

In a new segment entitled "Just the Tip" the Birds introduce Crave, the new resident Sexpert, who will be giving weekly sex tips and answering questions.  This week's topic was kegels. Are you ready to work out your pelvic floor?  Not just for the ladies, men can join in too.  If you have a question for Crave you can send them through the submit a question tab on our website or tweet us with the hashtag #justthetip. 

Hip Pop Quiz was focused on Tax Season. Tawanda quizzed EJ about hip hop lyrics related to tax time and gave the audience a "name that rapper" question.  Play along with EJ this week and answer the audience question through our website or via twitter with the hashtag #hippopquiz.

This week's #askabird was about a young entrepeneur and the Birds gave general business marketing advice.  We actually answered this question pretty well so if you are interested in starting a small business, this segment may be perfect for you.  If you have any other questions for the Birds, ask through our submit a question tab on our website or tweet us with the hashtag #askabird.

This week's bad bird of the week would have been us if we didn't realize during taping that we didn't deserve it.  Next week we will definitely find a woman worthy of our weekly honor. 

You can reach us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for information about the show and to interact with us more.  Thank you all for you patience during our hiatus, we are so happy to be back with you guys again.